Founded in 2016, Anna Rosen is a swimwear brand for women that seamlessly weaves together French elegance and Mediterranean warmth.

Hannah started her brand with a clear desire: to provide a swimwear line designed to bring out the power of feminity, sensuality, and delicateness within every woman. Her immersion in the world of Parisian fashion and her studies that took her across three continents sparked the need to share a story. Starting her journey in Paris, and then Singapore and Shanghai, Hannah finally decided to plant her roots in Tel Aviv.

Inspired by the swimsuits from her childhood as well as her mother’s vintage bikinis, Hannah designs her collection with the vision of the pieces she dreams to wear but struggles to find.

The fashion-forward sensibility of Hannah leaves nothing to chance, as she brings the highest attention to detail to her collection.

With retro and bohemian vibes flowing throughout her designs, Anna Rosen creates timeless and refined pieces using luxury Italian and French fabrics, beautiful finishes, and artisanal craftsmanship.

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